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Vendors are individuals who provide support, product and services to the National Executive Committee while putting on a National Square Dance Convention®

How do I become a Vendor at a National Square Dance Convention®?
Please contact the General Chairman of the National Square Dance Convention® you are interested in attending. They will put you in contact with the Vice Chairman of Vendors for additional information.

What is NASRDS?
National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers (NASRDS) was formed May 1975. The NASRDS members are commercial businesses which provide apparel, equipment, records, and many other specialty items which dancers require for the enjoyment of the activity. NASRDS works closely with the committees for each National Convention, especially the Vice Chairman of Vendors, and is responsible for the maintenance of the Exhibitors Seniority List for each National Convention.

NASRDS Website: http://nasrds.net/