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General Information of the National Executive Committee (NEC)


The National Square Dance Convention ®  (NSDC) is an annual event occurring in late June. The convention location is moved each year from city to city, based on a bidding process. Bids are presented at the annual convention and typically awarded for four years in the future.

All members of the local convention committee are volunteers who donate their time, energy, and expertise to produce the “World’s Greatest Square Dance Event” each year.

The convention presents an extensive Education Program, including Education Sessions, demonstrations and workshops. The convention includes all phases of dancing, exhibitions, future convention bid sessions, special events and shopping opportunities. Most of all, the convention provides fun and fellowship with dancers and Dance Leaders from around the world. Many of the world’s most elite Dance Leaders include the NSDC in their busy schedule each year. The convention is a one-of-a-kind event that has been held annually since its inception in 1952.


In 1952, a square dance was held in Riverside, California. The Convention Committee called the event the National Square Dance Convention. This event was a huge success and plans were made to repeat the event in another part of the United States. The Convention Committee in charge of these first conventions met and agreed on plans and guidelines for hosting future annual conventions. Thus, the National Executive Committee (NEC) was formed with the responsibility of overseeing the planning and execution of the annual event. In 1962, the Convention Committee applied for and received a registered trademark for “National Square Dance Convention®” (NSDC).

The NEC members were all General Chairman of past conventions. Being a Convention General Chairman is the only way to become a member of the NEC. The NEC meets at least twice a year, spending a week each time at Pre-Convention and Convention. Each Committee Member will spend on average several days per month and several weeks attending the Pre-Convention and Convention events each year. The NEC is a volunteer position, no compensation is received for their services and dedication. NEC members are responsible for paying their own convention registration fees and travel expenses while attending the NSDC.

The NEC carefully selects the future convention sites from among those meeting the requirements and submitting a bid. Criteria for selection are broad and based on dancer’s needs and desires. The Bidding City is responsible for submitting a proposal to the NEC 90-days prior to the start of the next NSDC. The winning bid is announced during the Closing Ceremony at the convention.

The NEC publishes ten, monthly National Squares E-Magazines, August through May, which benefits the upcoming convention. This publication provides dancers and Dance Leaders from around the world with Convention information on the who, what, and where each month leading up to the Convention.

Each NEC Member serves as a NEC Phase Advisor to a specific phase of the convention such as Education, Program, Registration & Housing, Services, etc. Each NEC Member is also assigned to a geographical area of the United States as the NEC Area Advisor. The NEC Area Advisor is responsible for providing informative responses to those making a bid inquiry from their assigned area. When a Bidding City is identified as a proposed upcoming convention location, the NEC Area Advisor then becomes the NEC Advisors to this bidding organization. The NEC Advisors will select other NEC Members (Couple/Solo) to assist with advising the organization. The NEC’s mission is to provide years of experience and assistance to upcoming conventions to help them be successful. The National Square Dance Convention® is the greatest square dance event!