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As the Sixth year of NEC Publications publishes its first issue before the 66th National Square Dance ConventionĀ®, here are a few thoughts about the publication style and format.


The method used offers considerable flexibility for presentation what we call National Squares Online or a more recent nomenclature, e-Magazine. The method used for the last three years publications has been what is known as a "FlipBook". The publication is prepared in a way that it can be viewed directly on the display of any Internet connected device. The display replicates the look and functionality of an actual hand held publication.


From within the publication itself is the capability of searching text, forwarding to a friend, printing to add to your coffee table colllection, saving as a PDF file for local access, expanding and contracting the size of the view screen, view a table of contents and flipping directly to items of interest.


Why has the new format been adopted? For one, it is now possible to provide more content at a lesser cost to more readers in a timely manner. It is viewable on desktop computers, printable for reading at the kitchen table, viewable on smart devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and a myriad of others.