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Lee & Barbi Ashwill
4684 Ivory Way NE
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Miscellaneous Information:


iLee and Barbi started Square Dance lessons in September 1978. Upon graduation in March 1979 they joined the Red Hots Square Dance Club in Salem, OR. During their tenure in that club they held the offices of Treasurer, Vice President and President.


They were also members of a Round Dance Exhibition Group (Round Connection) for 5 years. When they were asked in 1990 to be the Assistant General Chairman of the 43rd National Square Dance Convention®, they terminated their membership in the Round Connection as there was not enough time to practice. At that time they joined the Independence Wagon Wheelers which is still their home club.


After their time as the AGC, they held offices in the Oregon State Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. Lee held the positions of 2d Vice President; 1st Vice President (Twice) and President (Twice). Barbi held the positions of Treasurer, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President and President.


In 2001 they became the General Chairman of the 54th National Square Dance Convention® when Portland won the bid to host the Convention in 2005.


They are now members of the National Executive Committee where Lee is the current President. They have also served in the position of Treasurer of the NEC.


They are currently assisting Kansas City, MO as NEC Advisors as Kansas City prepares a bid to host the 67th National Square Dance Convention in June 2018.


Lee and Barbi remain active in Square and Round Dancing in their local community and just chaired a successful Mid-Winter Festival where they hosted over 1300 dancers from Canada, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana and California.


Also, Lee is currently serving as President of the Independence Wagon Wheelers and Barbi is Treasurer of the Salem Square Dance Association; an organization of dancers who purchased a dance hall which they now manage, maintain and rent out for dance activities. Square and Round dancing is their passion and they try to enhance this activity at every available opportunity.