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President's Corner


Don and Chery Pruitt, General Chairman

61st National Square Dance ConventionĀ®

Spokane, Washington, June, 2012

With Des Moines in the final stages of their planning, we are looking forward to joining Cincinnati, Ohio for their Pre-Convention festivities in February. It should be an exciting time as it is always fun to see what new venues have to offer our dancers.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to a couple that are retiring from the NEC. Carl & Jean McCarver, the General Chairman couple of the 39th. National Square Dance ConventionĀ® held in Memphis, TN in 1990. After serving 26 years they are leaving the National Executive Committee, but not without leaving a legacy of leadership, knowledge and concern for the dancers. We have truly appreciated Carl & Jean's willingness to answer our questions as relative newcomers, as well as advice on the history of the NEC. They will be missed.


As for their NEC responsibilites this year-Ron & Cindy Schoen will take on Area Delegate for Tennessee and Wayne & Lura Wade will take Mississippi. So if either of those states are thinking of hosting a National Convention please contact them. Carl & Jean's Phase Advisor duties will now be covered by Butch & Ampie Hayes for Hospitality and Wayne & Lura Wade for Special Events. So all of you working Conventions contact them for help.  Their information is on this web site.


Go to the upcoming Conventions web sites to see what they are planning for you. Register for them if you haven't already done so. They all need your support.


Any questions we can answer do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great and successful rest of 2015. Get out there and dance.

Don & Cheryl

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