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President's Corner


Don and Chery Pruitt, General Chairman

61st National Square Dance ConventionĀ®

Spokane, Washington, June, 2012

Are you going to Des Moines, Iowa for the 65th. NSDC? If not you are going to miss a good time and a lot of exciting things that are planned for you. In addition to all of the great dancing, educational seminars and workshops they will also have 6 exhibition groups to watch. The Ghost Riders square dance band will be in the Mainstream hall with different callers each tip.


The special event to open the Convention is Vocal Trash, a must see event. If you are driving to Des Moines,  there are a large number of trail thru dances you can attend. All of the information can be found on their website at or access it from this NEC website.


We have received word that another of our NEC members have retired from the board. Ray & Sandy Hutchison, having served on the board of the NEC since 2008, have been great contributing members and will be missed by everyone. They served as NEC President couple in 2014-2015.


We just returned from the Cincinnatti, Ohio Pre-Convention and got a first hand look at their preparations and facilities. We especially enjoyed their city tour and found out a lot of history about Cincinnatti. This would be a very nice place for an extended vacation, especially if you RV. Their RV park is very nice and clean. If you are planning on taking your RV to Convention, the ride into the conventon center is about 30 minutes. We strongly encourage you to get the bus pass and not worry about the parking hassle. Their tours are going to be great and they are just waiting for all of you to show up. They are working very hard to make it a memorable Convention. You can register for any of the upcoming Conventions by going to their websites and get the information. They need you to register so the plans can be made to accomodate the dancers wants and needs.


We hope to see all of you in Des Moines in June and if you have questions, comments or complaints do not hesitate to come up and talk to any of us. If you just want to say hi and visit, that's OK also. We are here to help and listen to you--the dancer. Any questions we can answer do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great and successful rest of 2016. Get out there and dance.

Don & Cheryl

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