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President's Corner


Lee and Barbi Ashwilll, Presidents of the National Executive Committee

Lee and Barbi Ashwill started Square Dance lessons in September 1978. Little did they know the next 35 years would hold positions as vice presidents, treasurers and presidents of several square and round dance organizations near their home area of Portland, Oregon. Lee and Barbi are currenlty serving their 2nd term as presidents of the National Executive Committee.


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We just returned from the 64th NSDC Pre-Convention in Springfield, MA.  It was a successful Pre-Convention and the NEC members offered suggestions for improvements to the Phase area they are responsible for.  Entertainment on Saturday night was Paty Greene from North Carolina.  Patty is a former resident of the New England States and moved to North Carolina.  She was brought "Home" to entertain the attendees and entertain them she did.  The City Tour offered views of buildings constructed in the 1800's.  The architectural designs were very interesting.  The National Executive Committee meetings were productive and changes were instituted that will become effective with upcoming National Square Dance ConventionsĀ®. Our Annual election of officers was accomplished and the officers for the 2014-2015 year, taking office on July 1, 2014 are President:  Ray & Sandy Hutchison; Vice-President:  Don & Cheryl Pruitt; Secretary:  Cindy & Ron Schoen; Treasurer:  Linda & Richard Peterson.  We hope that you will join us in Little Rock, AR in June 2014 to ROCK-N-LITTLE ROCK.


We attended the 41st Callerlab Convention in Sparks, NV from April 13. 2014 to April 16, 2014.  This was the 9th Callerlab Convention that we have attended and it is our opinion that this was the best.  The subject matter presented was truly outstanding.  We were fortunate enough to be invited by Jon Jones to participate in a Square Dance Styling session with Jon, Deborah Carroll Jones, Tim Mariner, Susan Helea and Vernon & Kayla Jones.  This session was not only a lively Seminar, but it was certainly enlightening.  It just reemphasized all the things we do as dancers that destroys the timing for the Callers.  This is an area that each of us can concentrate on and go back to dancing the way we were taught.  This will enhance the appearance that we give to the non-square dancers observing and will certainly assist the callers with their timing of the moves involved.  As an example, how many of you utilize the full 32 beats to Grand Square?  With all the individual styling, I will bet that there are those dancers who utilize closer to 16 than 32.  Let's help our callers provide the best dances we can.  Remember, this is a "Group" activity and we all need to pull together.  We look forward to seeing you all in Little Rock, AR in June 2014 and we can ROCK-N-LITTLE ROCK at the 63rd National Square Dance ConventionĀ®.