National Square Dance ConventionĀ®

Home of the World's Largest Square Dance Event

The National Square Dance ConventionĀ® invites callers to attend and participate in the convention. The convention planning process requires scheduling callers for the many square dance activities held during a square dance convention. There are a few steps to making a profile available to a convention committee


  • Before callers can be scheduled, they must provide an updated caller profile which the convention planning committees can use to schedule and slot callers during a National Square Dance ConventionĀ®
  • The only person who can edit a caller profile is the registering caller.
  • If a caller has not registered, simply select the registration menu link and enter data into the form that is presented
  • When registering for the first time, a caller will be asked to provide a password. This is the only time the password entry will be viewed in the profile form
  • If a caller desires to change their password, a password change option is provided.
  • If a caller forgets or loses a password, a password retrieval process is provided.
  • For the purpose of operating the caller profile registration process, the email address a caller provides will become the return login  UID (U)ser (I) (D)entification.
  • The password will be the password entered by the caller at the time of registration
  • Once a caller profile has been entered, a caller can login to their profile to view and edit.
  • To view a profile, simply log in
  • To edit a profile, log in. At the top of the profile form, observe a Edit / Readonly selection. Click on the Edit and proceed to make desired edits to the profile. When finished with the edits, a submit link is at the bottom of the profile form. A successful response will be displayed following the submission of the edit.


It is intended the caller registration process will help both the caller and convention committee arrange for the best callers in the world and the world's greatest square dance convention provide a memorable square dance experience for all who attend.


Thank you


National Executive Committee