National Squares Online e-Magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 6, January, 2019

4 Beverly had time for a hobby together. Steve’s mom saw a Kitty Hawk square dance lesson flyer posted at the senior center one day and that lead Steve's mother and Beverly to talk Steve into trying out the activity. Well, the rest is history. Steve & Beverly graduated from Kitty Hawk square dance lessons in April of 2004. They were avid raiders and quickly earned their Kitty Hawk Snoopy Raider badge. Their first raid with the club was a mystery bus trip to Concord Cloverleafs in Urbana OH. It seemed so far away. Little did they know that they would be traveling far and wide all over the country to promote and dance a few years later. Steve and Beverly attended their first Ohio State Convention in Cleveland that same year and have not missed one since. They got involved in the club as active members and soon held multiple terms as VP, President, Board Members and MVDC representative for the club. This led to them being involved in the Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC). Steve became active in the MVDC and held multiple terms as trustee, VP, and President, and State Corporation representative for the MVDC. While serving as the MVCD representative to the Ohio State Corporation of Square & Round Dance Clubs Steve & Beverly served multiple terms as VP and President. While in their next to last term as president of the State Corporation the corporation was asked to consider Ohio taking on the hosting of a National Square Dance Convention. Steve agreed to be part of a bidding committee to explore a bid for the 66th National Square Dance Convention to be held in 2017. All was progressing and the state federations agreed to accept the opportunity to bid for the national. Cincinnati was picked as the location and the city was enlisted to help in our bib to be made in Oklahoma City in 2013. Due to the illness of the proposed General Chairman 8 months before the bid Steve & Beverly were asked to step up and take the Position and complete the Bid in Oklahoma. Ohio won the bib and Steve and Beverly became General Chairman of the 66th National Square Dance convention. Upon completion of the 66th National Convention Steve and Beverly were asked to take a seat on the National Executive Committee (NEC) that oversees all the National Conventions.