National Square Dance Convention®

Home of the World's Largest Square Dance Event

67th National Square Dance Convention®

Kansas City, Missouri - June, 2018




History of the

National Square Dance Conventions®


11th National Square Dance Convention®
Miami, Florida

June 14, 15,16, 1962

46th National Square Dance Convention®
Orlando, Florida
June 25 - 28, 1997


Helen and Harry Moore

Worley and Nan Carrier

Dancing and vacationing in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, was on every dancer’s mind in June 1962. Charming Harry and Helen Moore were the General Chairman of that 11th convention. With only 40 committee chairmen listed in the printed program, these fine people produced an entertaining convention for the pleasure of 10,335 dancers who attended from almost every state in the union.


The Moores owned and operated a beauty salon in Miami Beach at the time of the convention. They became members of the National Executive Committee at the close of the 11th National and assigned the job of square dance programming advisor to future conventions. They were respected members of the National Executive Committee until retirement from the committee in 1990.

 Go for the Magic was the theme for the 46th National Square Dance Convention® in Orlando, Florida June 25 to 28, 1997.”


The Convention was awarded to Orlando at the Bid Session in Portland, Oregon in 1994. National Executive Committee advisors to the 46th convention were Carl & Jean McCarver and Loren & Florence Long.



“Discover the Magic in Education.” Was the theme of the Education Committee. Clinics, Panels, Seminars, Organization Round Table, Showcase of Ideas display tables, and Publications Display were open for the attendees all three days of the convention.



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